What does it mean?

When we talk about a product being made sustainably, we mean its impact on the environment and the people who produce, pack, transport, sell - and buy it! We want to make sure that all our products are produced responsibly, with respect for our planet and all the people who interact with them throughout the product lifecycle.

We constantly strive to make our products even more sustainable. We want to be a leader of change for a better future of the fashion industry - and tell you how we achieve this goal.

Why is transparency so important to Astraja?

We believe that thanks to transparency, i.e. open and honest information about how and where our products are manufactured, we can develop in a more sustainable way. The more information we share, the more we learn and the easier it is for us to determine which areas need special attention. We also want you to know as much as possible about the products you buy, make informed choices and be sure that the product you choose was produced in a sustainable and responsible way.

Where can I find more information about sustainable production?

The next step on the path to full transparency is to share (as far as possible) information about where and how our products were made. If such information is available, you will find it on the product page.

We will share the following information there:

  • Materials from which the product was made
    Countries where the product is manufactured