1.1. CARD ISSUER – ASTRAJA Agnieszka Madej ul. Beskidzka 40, 43-354 Czaniec NIP: 547-104-96-52, REGON: 241502775.

1.2. E-GIFT CARD (CARD) – a bearer merchandise voucher, in an intangible form (in the form of an alphanumeric code), confirming the User's right to exchange the amount held on the E-Gift Card for goods in the online store. The Card is valid for an indefinite period and has electronically assigned information about the Card's value. The E-Gift Card is not a payment card and is not an electronic money instrument within the meaning of applicable law.

1.3. CUSTOMER – purchaser of the E-Gift Card from the Card Issuer.

1.4. USER – each bearer of an E-Gift Card.

1.5. USE VALUE – the amount assigned to the E-Gift Card, up to which the User can purchase goods in the online store.

1.6. SHOP - online store run at:, enabling the use of the E-Gift Card, checking the status and Redeemable Value on the Gift Card.

1.7. TRANSACTION - an operation performed using the E-Gift Card, consisting in exchanging the E-Gift Card for goods by reducing the Redeemable Value by an amount corresponding to the value of the goods purchased by the User in the Store


2.1. E-Gift Cards have the form of a numeric-letter code, which is an electronic carrier of Redeemable Value, entered into the selected graphic of the E-Gift Card.

2.2. The E-Gift Card is used only to complete Transactions in the online store.

2.3. The E-Gift Card is valid, i.e. it can be exchanged for goods, indefinitely.

2.4. The Card Issuer is not responsible for the Customer's errors when generating the Card, resulting in its delivery to the wrong person (e.g. by providing an incorrect e-mail address of the User). The Customer or User is entitled to report the loss or damage of the E-Gift Card in order to block it. The E-Gift Card will be blocked immediately, no later than the next business day.

2.5. The condition for sending the E-Gift Card to the User is the payment by the Customer of the Redeemable Value.

2.6. The Card Issuer is not responsible for the consequences of the inability to redeem the E-Gift Card resulting from circumstances for which it is not responsible, e.g. too low Redemption Value in relation to the prices of goods offered in the Store.

2.7. The Card Issuer is not a party to the legal relationship between the User and the Customer.

2.8. At the Customer's request, the sale of E-Gift Cards is documented with confirmation of the issuance of the Gift Card.


3.1. A Gift Card can be purchased by the Customer using a special product card for generating Gift Cards. In order to purchase the Card, the Customer is obliged to follow the purchase procedure.

3.2. The Gift Card can also be purchased by the Customer at a stationary stand, if available.

3.3. Using the Gift Card Generator, the Customer determines the following Card parameters: value and appearance of the Card from among the available proposals; in the order notes - User data (e-mail address) and the date of delivery of the gift card (min. 2 business days for online cards; min. 3 business days + shipping for physical cards); own text message for the User.

3.4. No promotions or discount codes apply to the purchase of gift cards.


4.1. The User may only redeem E-Gift Cards paid by the Customer in the amount of Redeemable Value.

4.2. E-Gift Cards are not exchangeable for cash.

4.3. The Gift Card User may use the E-Gift Card multiple times during its validity period until the Redeemable Value is exhausted.

4.4. The Card Issuer, in order to protect the interests of the Customer or E-Gift Card User, reserves the right to temporarily block the use of the E-Gift Card at the written request of the Customer or User.

4.5. The User redeems the E-Gift Card by entering the unique E-Gift Card code in the basket in the place marked for the use of Gift Cards: "GIFT CARD OR DISCOUNT CODE". The value of the basket will be reduced by the Redeemable Value recorded on the E-Gift Card on the day of purchase. The completed Transaction is equivalent to a purchase and is subject to registration at the cash register of the Card Issuer.

4.6. The E-Gift Card is read only in the electronic environment, i.e. each operation is verified as to its admissibility and the Redeem Value is determined only in the store.

4.7. The E-Gift Card User can check the balance of his/her Card account (Use Value) by contacting the customer service department during opening hours. To check the Card account balance, the last four digits of the Card code are required.

4.8. If the value of the goods purchased by the User is greater than the Redeemable Value, the Transaction may be completed provided that the User pays the price difference in accordance with the regulations of the store.

4.9. If the price of the goods purchased by the User is lower than the Redeemable Value, the difference determines the value of the E-Gift Card after the Transaction. This difference cannot be paid to the User as change.

4/10 The customer may use more than one E-Gift Card in one order. E-Gift Cards can be combined.


5.1. The E-Gift Card can be used indefinitely or until it is blocked, at the request of the Customer or User.

5.2. In the event of loss of the E-Gift Card, it may be blocked based on a notification made by the Customer or User via e-mail: The Card Issuer is not responsible for Transactions made by the E-Gift Card User before submitting the application. The necessary condition to block an E-Gift Card is to provide the code number assigned to the Card.

5.3. The Card Issuer has the right to refuse to redeem a Gift Card when:

a) the amount of Redeemable Value on the E-Gift Card is lower in relation to the price of the goods ordered by the User,

b) there are technical problems beyond the control of the Card Issuer that prevent the use of the Gift Card. In such a case, the Card Issuer, to the extent technical and organizational possibilities, will immediately take the necessary actions to remove any obstacles to the implementation of the Card.

5.4. A transaction made by the User using the E-Gift Card is valid even if he comes into possession of the Card in an unauthorized manner, unless the Card, despite being reported blocked, is not previously blocked by the Card Issuer within the period specified in these Regulations.

5.5. The User's return of goods purchased using the E-Gift Card is possible under the terms and conditions applicable in the store. Refund for returned goods is made electronically to the Gift Card in the form of a new Redeemable Value. Topping up the E-Gift Card with the value of the returned goods renews the validity of the card, i.e. in such a situation, the deadline for using it runs anew.

5.6. If any problems occur in the execution of Transactions using the E-Gift Card, the User will report the above to the Card Issuer by e-mail to the following address:

5.7. Complaints related to E-Gift Cards will be considered by the Card Issuer within 14 days from the date of submission of the complaint by the Customer or User, in accordance with applicable regulations.


6.1. In matters not regulated by the provisions of the Regulations, the relevant provisions of law shall apply.

6.2. The purchase of an E-Gift Card by the Customer and its use by the User constitutes consent to the content of these regulations and the obligation to comply with them.

6.3. The content of these Regulations is available on the website at Upon request, the content of these regulations will be provided in writing.

6.4. The Card Issuer reserves the right to make changes to the Regulations without giving a reason. Changes will be announced in due time on the store website. Changes to the Regulations do not violate the rights of Customers who purchased the Card before the amendment to the Regulations.