Astraja is not responsible for damage to clothing that is not washed and dried as recommended. If you decide to combine sensitive fabrics and colors, it is at your own risk. Astraja may refuse returns on special orders in these combinations.

Our fabrics can be divided into two categories:

  • Durable fabrics: nylon/spandex, velvet/velvet, may shrink when heat is applied.

  • Delicate materials: hologram, mesh and nylon / spandex with foil (metallic) and without foil.

    • Please note that some high-gloss fabrics are more susceptible to wear and fading than other traditional, hard-wearing and long-lasting fabrics. Hologram and Nylon/Spandex with foil (metallic) may appear slightly dull in embellished areas due to heat application, and may also shrink when heat is applied.

Delicate materials require special care:

  • Repeated wear and washing may cause discoloration or loss of film.

  • The alcohol in all spray products, such as hairspray, affects fabrics. Please cover your costume/clothing before applying. Perfumes and body lotions can also negatively affect delicate fabrics. Deodorants and sweat can cause these fabrics to discolor, fade or lose their film, especially when two different colors meet under the arms. We recommend using a pure crystal deodorant that does not contain aluminum hydrochloride.

  • The mesh can potentially be damaged due to use which may increase stress on the fabric. You can order a costume/clothing made of this material, but you do so at your own risk because Astraja does not guarantee the durability of this fabric. If you choose to use mesh in your design, this means that Astraja will not be responsible for replacing or repairing costumes/clothing. Color bleeding or color bleeding may occur when a white or dark fabric is combined with a fabric of a contrasting dark or light color, respectively. This is a common industry problem and is obvious in certain conditions, particularly when light-colored clothing is worn under dark clothing and/or when damp clothing is left in gym bags. Astraja is unable to guarantee that our fabrics will not discolor, even by following proper washing instructions, due to the individual nature of each athlete's wearing/washing procedure. You can order any combination of fabrics and colors. If you choose to combine light and dark colors, Astraja will not be responsible for replacing costumes/clothing if discoloration occurs.

  • Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in our costumes/clothing, causing the films on our fabrics to abrade and embellishments to fall off.

Important washing instructions for all fabrics:

  • Costumes/clothing must be washed separately. Turn your clothes inside out. Use a gentle liquid detergent, gently hand wash in a large volume of cold water. Rinse immediately.

  • DO NOT allow clothing to get wet. Dry in a clean towel and use a thick plastic hanger to dry.

  • DO NOT use fabric softeners. Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in our costumes and clothing, causing the films on our fabrics to discolor and decorations to fall off.

  • DO NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric and decorations used in our costumes and clothing.

  • Do not iron. The heat from the iron can melt and/or discolor the delicate fabrics in our costumes and clothing. Excessive heat can also weaken the adhesives used to attach decorations to costumes and cause them to fall off.