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Application size: 19.5x24cm

The application can be purchased as:
- an additional decoration for clothing or a BASIC costume, then we will stick it on the selected pattern and color, so that you can enjoy the finished product,
- as a standalone application, see the instructions below


  • Before uploading the application, iron the target material. There must be no creases, seams or dirt at the application site.

  • Peel off the white protective backing

  • Place the transfer foil with the appliqué in its final position on the fabric you want to place it on.

  • If the material reacts poorly to high temperatures, put a thin cotton cloth over the application so as not to damage it.

  • Place the iron directly on the transfer foil. Lift up and press down on the iron several times. For 30 seconds, "iron" the application all the time moving the iron from one side of the application to the other so that each part of it is well heated. The iron should be set to 160°. Remember that where there are vents there is no heat.

  • Depending on the type of application - immediately after heating, slowly remove the transfer foil or wait until it cools down and is completely cold.

  • If any sequins remain on the foil, put the foil back on and repeat the above steps.

CAUTION: you will find markings on how to remove the foil next to the application.